Why Pumpkin is Good for Your Dog

What is Thanksgiving without a little pumpkin pie? Did you know that pumpkin is actually good for our pets too? It is, but, you have to know exactly how to serve it up correctly. Our pets cannot digest the full of sugar and fat pumpkin pie that we can. But, they can benefit from pumpkin in other ways:


Why Pumpkin is Good For Your Dog

  • It is good for digestive health

 Pumpkin is actually a great source of fiber for everyone. You want to make sure you’re getting either fresh from the source, or canned puree without all of the added sugar and spices. In fact, the benefits go above and beyond when it comes to digestion because it helps with both constipation and diarrhea. If you add just a tablespoon or two in with a normal meal it can help keep them regular. Seriously, if it were any better for digestive health Jamie Lee Curtis would be the new spokeswoman.

  • It is good for weight loss

Like most of us, our pets could probably spare a few pounds. Pumpkin is a brilliant dietary supplement. This is even a good idea for cats that can be pickier about eating pumpkin by itself.  Mix some puree with their usual fair and they will be just as full with half the fat and twice the health benefits.

  • It is good for overall healthy

Speaking of health benefits, boy does pumpkin take the cake. The flesh & seeds have awesome essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Not to mention vitamins A, C, and E, plus beta-carotene, potassium, zinc, and iron. Just like humans, this is great for their skin, fur or hair, and eye health.  It also supports a healthy immune system and urinary tract.

Pumpkin Precautions:

Do not give your pet pumpkin pie filling. These have added sugars and spices that could upset their tummies. And be especially careful of sugar-free pumpkin pie filling, it could contain Xylitol, which could be fatal if your pets eat it.

Instead, give them natural unsweetened canned pumpkin. Put a little bit aside before you make a pie or buy a little can just for them.

Basically, it is no wonder that pumpkin is now touted as a “super food” for your pets. Some studies even suggest that it may reduce cancer. When it comes to dishing out the pumpkin this season, we declare it a win.

It is simple to see that pumpkins are great for both our cats and dogs, so make sure to prepare some for them this Thanksgiving. And why not try to make it a staple in their meals? After all, it really is a great food for them to eat.

What is your pet’s favorite pumpkin treat? We’d love for you to share what they love so we can try it with our own furbabies!