Pet Sitting Visits

While you're away, let them stay at home - where they feel most comfortable!

Included with all dog and cat visits, we can:

  • Bring in your daily mail once per day
  • Water plants (within reason)
  • Trash and recycling bins taken to and from curb if it falls within trip date range

Pet Sitting for Dogs

DOGS - 3 visits/day min. for the safety and health of your dog(s)

Dog pet sitting includes:

  • Dog walk, or out to play and use the outdoors
  • Feeding/Treat Time - food and/or treats provided by pet parents, refresh water as needed
  • General Cleanup - dirty pet bowls and empty food cans cleaned regularly
  • Cuddle Time - 15-30 minutes of love and attention

Pet Sitting for Cats

CATS - 1 visit per day minimum

Cat pet sitting includes:

  • Fresh food and water given to your cats or kittens
  • Litter boxes cleaned to your specifications
  • Medications (pills, capsules, insulin/injections, Subcutaneous Fluids administered per your instructions
  • Cuddle and/or play time with your cats or kittens (always free of charge and in abundance for those kitties who will accept cuddles!)

Additional Services

Please specify if you need any additional pet services upon booking. Extra charges may apply.

  • Fluids administered for sick patients
  • Flea and/or tick treatments applied topically and supplied by pet parent
  • Poop scooping your yard

Our service area includes:

Gardner, MA

Westminster, MA

Ashburnham, MA

Templeton, MA

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