Eight Hanukkah Gifts For Your Dog

It is time for the Festival of Lights. The 8 days of Hanukkah are a wonderful celebration of family and faith. And why should our dogs be left out of this special time?

Include them in the daily celebration with the 8 gifts:


A Dog Treat Menorah:  This is one of the cutest dog ideas out there. It has 9 dog biscuit pockets that, when you remove the biscuit, uncovers a cloth flame (no real candles here since our pets aren’t allowed to play with fire). But this way, your pup can have a treat each night of Hanukkah and “light” their very own Menorah


  1. Toys: Grab your dog a new toy like a ball, rope pull, or even a new Kong. Our dogs love to play and are sure to love this little gift to kick off the season.
  2. A Plush Dreidel: You can get an adorable squeaky plush dreidel online and they are great for the Hanukkah season. Give one to your dog on the same night as you give your children a dreidel so they will all able to play with them together.
  3. A New Leash & Collar Set: Step up your dogs walking game with a nice new leash and collar set. They are sure to be the envy of the park with their new duds.
  4. Special Treats: Go to your local pup-bakery and grab them some special treats. Don’t opt for the usual store bought treats, but get them something extra delicious and freshly made.
  5. A Comfy New Bed: Who doesn’t love to lay their head down on a soft plushy cushion? After years of use, your dog probably could use a new bed. If they are attached to their bed, then grab a new plush blanket to put in it and pad it back up.
  6. A Bob-A-Lot Treat Puzzle: Having your dog work for their food is a great (and easy) way to give your dog some more mental stimulation. You just fill it up with food or treats and encourage your dog to roll it around to get the food out. My dog loves it, and filling it up, her Bob-A-Lot keeps her busy for 15+ minutes.
  7. Hanukkah-Themed Dog Bandana: Dress your dog in style. This affordable fashion piece makes a perfect Hanukkah present that adds a little fun to your holiday celebration. Your guests will love seeing your puppy dressed up in her Hanukkah best and may even feel inclined to take this opportunity for a fun holiday photo.
  8.  Bark Box: This can be a gift that keeps on giving. A Bark Box subscription will bring boxes of toys and chews right to your loved one’s door. You can choose 1, 6, or 12 month subscription plans.

All of these are great ideas on how to include your dog with the gift giving this Hanukkah. What is your favorite gift to give your pet at this special time of year? We’d love to hear what your dog loves! Let us know in the comments below.