Toys My Dog Can’t Destroy

There’s nothing sadder than buying an expensive toy for you dog only to find it destroyed on the floor three days later. After all, the toy makers do know that they are making these toys for dogs, with very sharp teeth, right? Here’s our best advice for finding the most indestructible dog toys!


Toys My Dog Can’t Destroy

What to look for in a toy:


When shopping for the most durable dog toys, look for one that is made of rubber. Or, if your dog would prefer something softer to chew on, consider a heavy-duty rope pull toy. It’s best to avoid plush toys or stuffed animals, and the tough rope toys usually make a good substitute.

Plus this will save your children’s favorite stuffed animals and keep your dog safe from choking hazards like buttons or plastic eyes.


Size is another important consideration. The bigger the dog, the bigger the toy should be. If the toy is too small, your big dog will be able to get a better grip on it and probably chew chunks off or tear it up quickly.


Our top favorite products:

Rubber Toys:

Kong Hard Rubber Chew Toys: Kong toys come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. These are really tough rubber toys that will be hard for your dog to destroy. Kong toys come with add-ons, too. Make it extra fun for your pooch by choosing one with a rope or rubber ball attached. They even have a squeaky tennis ball, a dog bone, and a frisbee version.

Jolly Pets Tug ‘n’ Toss Toys: Dogs love Jolly Pets Tug ‘n’ Toss Toys because the rubber ball bounces when you throw them. These toys are great for dogs who like to play tug-o-war, and they are very hard to destroy.There are even extra-tough versions for aggressive chewers.

GoughNuts Chew Toys: GoughNuts Chew Toys are available in ring, stick or tug versions. They are guaranteed to be “nearly” indestructible and are especially good for power chewers.

West Paw Jive Zogoflex Chew Toys:  Zogoflex toys claim to be one of the most durable toys out there. They come in lots of shapes and sizes. There’s even one that can be stuffed with treats to keep your pooch occupied for a long time!

Mammoth TireBiter Chew Toys:  TireBiter Toys are available in all of your furry friend’s favorite shapes! The rubber tires with the rope pulls attached are especially fun for interactive games like tug-o-war and fetch.


Plush Toys:

Tuffy Plush Dog Toys: Tuffy dog toys are built to last a long time. They claim to be the most durable plush dog toy on the market. These toys come in all of your favorite shapes, from lobsters to elephants!

Go Dog: Go Dog toys are double stitched, they include a durable liner, and they are guaranteed to last. They feature “Chew Guard” technology that makes them tougher than your average plush toy. There are sizes and shapes available for every dog, even squeaky toys!

You don’t have to be discouraged when you find a toy you just purchased ripped into shreds. The indestructible toys may cost a little more at first, but since they last a long time you actually end up saving money (and time cleaning up). Does your dog have a favorite toy that’s lasted a long time? Tell us about it in the comments below, or share it on our Facebook page.