Open Up and Say AAARRRFFFFF!

At Gina’s Family Pet Sitting, we want your pet to be in purr-fect health, from tip to tail! One area fur-parents often neglect is right beneath their pets’ nose…it’s their teeth! Dogs and cats experience dental decay, cavities, and gum issues — along with tooth pain  — just like we do.

Because February is Pet Dental Health Month, let’s talk about how to keep your fur baby’s teeth clean and healthy.

First, watch out for warning signs like extra-bad breath, bloody gums, blood on their chew toys, or loose teeth. These are all potential problems that you should mention to your vet. Acting quickly can keep any issues from getting worse. If you let dental problems go, it could lead to other health issues like tooth loss, infections, or even heart issues.

Be sure to schedule regular dental exams. This lets your vet keep track of any concerns and look for changes between visits. If your vet doesn’t offer dental screenings, find one who does. We can recommend one for you.  Give us a call!

Because your furries can’t brush their own teeth, they need a little help keeping those choppers clean. You can get a finger brush or just use a clean piece of gauze to wipe down their teeth a few times a week. Another suggestion is to give them real bones to chew (with supervision). Not only will they love the treat, the hard bones helps keep their teeth free of tartar, that sticky buildup on their teeth that turns into plaque and leads to cavities.

We want your pets to stay healthy and happy! Let us know if you have any questions–we’re here to help!