Our Top 6 Games to Play with Your Dog In The Fall

The fall is a great time to get out and play with your dog. The weather is nice as the air begins to chill from the heat of summer. There is no better time to “carpe diem” as they say and enjoy bonding with your dog.


Our Top 6 Games to Play with Your Dog In The Fall



  1. Frisbee

Almost all dogs love to play frisbee. Not only is it fun promotes skill and speed, since the goal is to catch the disc in mid-air. Some dogs hate the feeling of hard plastic in their mouths. Try a softer flying disc instead. You can start by introducing it to them slowly by playing with another person. They will see how much fun you are having they will likely want to play too.

  1. Fetch

If your dog isn’t big on frisbee, there is a good chance they still would love to play catch and fetch with a ball. You can use a regular tennis ball or even get a Chuck-It Throw toy that helps launch the ball way into the air. At first, reward your dog every time they bring the ball back to you to encourage them to want to play.

  1. Hide and seek

This is a great game for the whole family. Start to introduce to your dog to it with treats. Have the human player hide behind trees or bushes (or in the home) with treats in their pockets. Once the dog finds a person, reward them with a treat. Soon they won’t even need treats to enjoy this game.

  1. Obstacle agility course

This one takes a little more time, but it is so much fun. Get some tent poles, a few blocks to jump over, a board for a ramp and maybe a nylon tunnel if you’re feeling fancy. Set it up in your yard and walk your dog through it. Reward them after each successful trip and then let them try it on their own.

  1. Tug of War

Your arm may end up sore, but it’s so much fun! Get a rope toy or make one out of old jeans or a towel. Have your dog grab one in and you pull on the other. Just make sure you let them win a few rounds!

  1. Bubbles

You can use any non-toxic bubbles that are safe for kids, or special doggy bubbles, like Incredibubbles with Peanut Butter from Pet Qwerks. They even have Bacon Bubble machines that automatically blow bacon-scented bubbles for your dog to run around and play in. But it is even more fun to blow them for your dog while running around the yard and letting your dog chase you.

What are your favorite games to play with your dog? We’d love to hear all about the fun you have with them in the fall! Sound off in the comments below.