6 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

Halloween will be here soon and it is time to start planning your costumes. It’s fun for the whole family to get dressed up on the spookiest night of the year. And why should our dogs be left out of the celebration?


You don’t have to break the bank to dress up your dog this year. We’ve got 6 DIY Halloween costumes for your dog that you can make right at home!

1. Zebra

If you have a mostly black or white pup, then file this one under a super easy must try costume!  You can get some non-toxic hair and paint some stripes and voila!  Your dog is now a zebra for the night.  Just make sure to wash them off before bed to avoid a big mess in the morning.

2. Butterfly or Dragonfly

You don’t have to be too crafty to make this one but you will need a glue gun and harness or coat. Grab some stiff cardboard or thick felt pieces and cut them into the shape of wings. Glue these to two or three big puffy balls and then glue it all to the harness or jacket. Your dog is now a beautiful butterfly!

3. Racehorse 

Make your dog into a racehorse! And it’s pretty easy too. You start with the pup, a belt and a tiny stuffed person (or animal works too). Attached the stuffed toy to the belt to make a saddle then strap the belt around your pet. You can use a small cut out of felt for the saddle. Just like that, your dog is now transformed into a racehorse.


4. King of the jungle

Turn your dog into a ferocious lion. Get some yellow, light brown and dark brown pieces of felt from the store. Cut them into strips about 1” wide and varying lengths to make a mane. Then glue them in a circle that will fit on your dog’s head.


5. Business dog

You don’t even have to be extremely crafty to make this costume work. You just need an old collared shirt and a tie. Cut off the collar and the cuffs from the shirt. Put the cuffs on their front two paws and tie the collar and tie around your pet’s neck. They are now a boss dog.


6. Ewok

To turn your dog into a creature from Endor all you need is some brown cloth or felt and a leather shoelace. Drape it loosely around your dog like a cloak and then tie it a little more snuggly (but not too tight) around their collar. That’s all you need to make your very own Ewok!


Any of these ideas will make you the hit on the street or at the party. Just make sure to never leave your dog unattended in a costume as it could end up being a choking hazard. And please share some pics of you and your pup’s costumes this Halloween; we would love to see what you pick!