Does Your Pet Sleep in Bed with You?

A bad night’s rest is sure to leave a human grumpy… and unfortunately, your pet could be a sleep thief! The American Pet Products Association says that about half of dogs and 62% of cats sleep in their owner’s beds. But is co-sleeping good for us – or for our fur-kids?

Well, it’s fine for our furries, say experts… but about half of us co-sleepers say our pets are making it hard to get those needed ZZZZzzs.

Not ready to make the bedroom off-limits? We don’t blame you! Snuggling up with Fido and Fluffy can be a treat at the end of a hard day. So here are some ways to make bedtime work for everyone:

Zzzs or Sneeze? If you suspect your lack of sleep is due to allergies, you might be right! Any allergies you have can get much worse at night when you’re right next to your little dander-maker for hours on end. Wash bed sheets and pillowcases frequently. You can try an over-the-counter allergy med, or ask your doctor for something stronger. And a HEPA air filter can help clean the air, too.

Keep your cool. With a bunch of bodies in the same bed, things can heat up pretty fast. Keep your thermostat between 60-67 degrees for your best sleep, say experts. Your body needs to cool down to enter the sleep zone, and keeping the room cooler helps.

Get a bigger bed. If you can’t turn over without finding a furry friend in your face, or your legs are pinned under a 100-pound pup, don’t fight it. Give in and upgrade your mattress size. It’ll be worth it when you all have plenty of room to snooze.

Speaking of sleep… if you need to be away overnight, your pets will prefer staying at home in their familiar surroundings. Not only will they sleep better, you will, too, knowing one of our trained paw-fessionals are taking good care of them. Contact us for more information!